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  1. naNI
    August 4, 2011


  2. bvv
    February 4, 2013

    helped my hwork

  3. ratish kumar thakur
    February 15, 2013

    very very good country for saarc

  4. imtiaz ahmad
    February 25, 2013

    saarc play a vital role in regional socioeconomic cultural and political development as well as world peace,

  5. Aftab Sial
    March 8, 2013

    Helping information.

  6. mohd ajazuddin
    August 17, 2013

    Saarc is the best team to devoleped the south asian
    i just wanna be support to my this fab team

  7. Basavaraj
    May 22, 2014

    Great assosiation..helpful to develop smoothly..

  8. Jai singh
    May 27, 2014

    great! saarc is a big and great association which creats relation among peoples of all these 8 countries!!

  9. sumesh
    July 6, 2014

    Tanx 4 my search’s feed back…

  10. Vivek
    August 1, 2014

    Why Pakistan? Is Pakistan responsible country?

  11. Akash Kumar tanti petarwar
    August 30, 2014

    Mount entail for competion examination

  12. Akash Kumar tanti petarwar
    August 30, 2014

    Vital question of interviews from this topic saarc

  13. Ayaz Butt Alias Fateh Muhammad
    September 6, 2014

    Ayaz Butt how beter it will be may saarc countries enter in SAARC FEDERATION and enjoy the full peace and unrestricted trade and old friends after sepration of 67 years and visit their fore fathers places, May GOD ALMIGHTY HELP US.

  14. anish Kumar sahu
    September 22, 2014


  15. priyank kumar tarun
    November 27, 2014

    Every country is applicable for the team SAARC….except PAK
    They are gathered to prove them a strong and unite nationals but one’s activity is going always against them….
    He must think over the original point

  16. jagannath nayak
    December 2, 2014

    Oh yes,really pakistan is out of the SAARC.iam agree.

  17. Nayak Brundaban
    December 2, 2014

    SAARC is a unique association which that generate good relation between 8 country.

  18. Jagannath nayak
    December 2, 2014

    SAARC is a unique association which that generate good relation between 8 country

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  19. mohini sharma
    December 7, 2014

    yes saarc is the team which work as government to develop the south asian

  20. mohini sharma
    December 7, 2014

    i strongly agree that saarc is the organization which work as a gorvenment for the development for the south asian.

  21. Mandeep Hooda
    December 22, 2014

    Helped me in my Saach Countries campaigns. Thanks

  22. DoctorsBB
    December 22, 2014

    Thanks for your effort that helped me.

  23. Mudasir Abax
    April 6, 2015

    solve my trbls and give knwlge…

  24. Mudasir Abax
    April 6, 2015

    SAARC provides a platform for the peoples of
    South Asia to work together in a spirit of
    friendship, trust and understanding. It aims to
    accelerate the process of economic and social
    development in Member States.

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