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  1. Does Russia comes under ASEAN countries ?

  2. Does China member of ASEAN countries?

  3. does india is member of asian?

  4. Is Korea considered an ASEAN country or ASIA country?

    1. North Korea and South Korea are not parts of ASEAN. They are
      parts of Asia, a continent.

  5. is the Asian country belongs to this activity or for ASEAN country only?

  6. where is the headquarters of ASEAN

    1. kanwar abhimanyu singh

      jakarata indonesia

  7. Does Vietnam not under ASEAN countries anymore?

  8. To be updated of ASEAN activities is very much appreciated

  9. Does sri lanka member of ASEAN

    1. No. Sri Lanka is not a member of ASEAN

      The list is about Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

      Click Here for Asian countries

  10. I thing that about Asean is very important in all the worlw

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